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,                 12.
THERE WILL BE NO day of days then when a
new world order comes into being. Step by
and here and there it will arrive, and even as it
comes into being it will develop fresh perspec-
tives, discover unsuspected problems and go on
to new adventures. No man, no group of men,
will ever be singled out as its father or founder.
For its maker will be not this man nor that man
nor any man but Man, that being who is in some
measure in every one of us. World order will
be, like science, like most inventions, a social
product, an innumerable number of personalities
will have lived fine lives, pouring their best into
the collective achievement.
We can find a small-scale parallel to the prob-
able development of a new world order in the
history of flying. Less than a third of a century
ago,'ninety-nine people out of a hundred would
have told you that flying was impossible ; kites
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